Clean Energy for Eternity is an incorporated association whose constitution you can find here CEFE Constitutionhere. It has a President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Officer. It is registered on the ACNP website and it is listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations as having tax deductible gift status. The AGM and election of office bearers is held in early March each year. Membership fees are currently $30 family, $20 individual and $10 concession.

CEFE’s establishment in Bega in 2006 stimulated many committed people in towns throughout the South East and even the neighbouring Sydney suburbs of Mosman and Manly to form local chapters and undertake initiatives in their own area. Each Chapter comes to life when there is a project to be done and committed people volunteer their time. Periods of intense activity are interspersed with dormant phases.

To be a member of a chapter you must first be a financial member of CEFE. Chapters are unincorporated associations that may have their own bank account and levy a membership fee in addition to the CEFE membership fee.

Currently there are only two Chapters operating in the intense activity mode, Bermagui Chapter and the (Sydney) Northern Beaches Chapter.

Northern Beaches


You can read something of the past activities of each Chapter below

Snowy Mountains