The Bermagui Chapter was re-established at a public meeting on July 23 2017. The meeting was attended by 300 people with 2,600 more viewing a live stream from the Bega District News.

Speakers at the meeting were:
Kirsty McBain Mayor, Bega Valley Shire Council Policy and Plans
John Walters (Ekonomix Solar) Affordable Renewable Energy Today- Backround, Opportunities and Constraints
Karl Edmonson (Reposit Power) Generating, Storing and Selling Power
Harry Chami (Solar Juice) Panel Inverter and battery bulk buy
Tom Nockolds (Community Power Agency) How Communities are Powering Up, some NSW Examples
Tony Pfeiffer (Enova Enrergy) Byron Bay, the Community, Council and the Power Company
Jon Keeble (WattWatchers) Knowing what we generate and use
Ross Garnaut (Zen Energy) Powering the community, Bermagui, and the Bega Valley in the State and National Context

To view the slides of this meeting click here

The following motion was carried at the meeting.

The meeting encourages the Steering Group to move into the next phase of the cheaper, cleaner electricity project by:
• Identifying additional expertise needed to move the project forward
• Continuing to liaise with business, local government and non-government agencies
• Investigating the possibility of funding to support these activities
We ask that CEFE report back to the community before the end of the year on the feasibility of both small scale and utility scale projects.

The Bermagui Chapter of CEFE followed up the July meeting with a meeting on December 10. Around 100 people attended to hear progress since July. They were presented with more background on energy supply in the NSW south east, the results of the solar bulk buy exercise and first steps towards community energy projects.

Speakers at the meeting were:
Dr Mike Kelly member for the federal electorate of Eden Monaro
John Walters (Ekonomix Solar) Affordable Renewable Energy Today – Progress in the Bega Valley
Bill Caldicott (CEFE Bermagui Chapter) How to Analyse your Electricity Use – Reducing Electricity Costs
Bill Southwood (CEFE Bermagui Chapter) Proposal for Domestic Installations – Suppliers, Installers, Partners
Jo Lewis (CEFE Bermagui Chapter) Establishing a Community Base Power Company – Prospects for a ‘Solar Garden’

To view the slides of this meeting click here

The following motions were carried by the meeting
The Meeting asks CEFE Bermagui to continue to develop
• The two bulk buy options (including holding information sessions)
• A clear explanation of how contributions from the bulk buy contractors will support community projects
• A volunteer led strategy for helping people to reduce energy consumption in their homes
• Strategic planning for a 100% renewable future

This Meeting asks CEFE Bermagui to work with volunteers from the Bermagui and other local communities to assist those who cannot take individual actions. Projects, possibly using funds raised by the bulk buy could include:
• Solar gardens and other potential sources of renewable energy including wind, wave, tidal and biomass
• Peer to peer trading and block chain technologies
• Another community project, possibly setting up a cooperative of other form of enterprise.

Below is an archive of all posts on the CEFE website realting to the Bermagui Chapter