About Clean Energy for Eternity

Clean Energy for Eternity (aka CEFE) aim to help the community understand the challenge of climate change and global warming, and to provide information and support to encourage grass roots action in response to the global crisis facing us all. We are a group of concerned individuals on the far south coast of New South Wales volunteering our time and effort to address climate change. 

Our mission

We aim to see everyone in the electorate engaged in a conversation about clean energy issues once a week. We want to raise the level of community knowledge & enable access to reliable information about clean energy issues. We actively promote & stimulate relevant bodies to take appropriate action to reduce energy use and develop local clean energy generation projects.

And, we want to ensure that voters are informed on candidates’ policies on clean energy for each election.

Our tactics

We’re a local think tank, generating ideas, proposals, policies on community-owned clean energy actions. We provide opportunities for people from all walks of life to lend an hand in making a difference on climate change.

Awareness and information are key. We promote high profile symbolic events that raise the profile of climate change and encourage positive change.