Useful links

The Science
The Climate Council
The Climate Institute

The Technology
Clean Technica
Australian Energy Storage Alliance Database

The latest developments
Renew Economy
Climate Spectator
Professor Ross Garnaut’s University of Melbourne lectures  (May 2019)

Climate and health
Climate and Health Alliance

Green driving
Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Cars (UK site)
Complete Guide to Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Calculate your own vehicle’s emissions

Things you can do as an individual
How to swap banks
Go fossil free
Invest in solar PV through ClearSky Solar Investments
(watch video)
Invest in solar PV through Sydney Renewable Power Company
Invest in solar PV through Repower Shoalhaven
Invest in solar PV through Pingala
Invest in solar PV through SolarShare
Invest in solar PV through CE4G
Invest in solar PV through Pre-Power One
Invest in solar through Future Super’s Renewable Energy Fund
Donate for solar PV through Corena
Donate for solar PV through People’s Solar
Shareholder activism
Donate solar lights for India’s rural poor
Get your school to sign-up
Become a shareholder in Enova
Make your home energy efficient

Things you can do as a business
The complete guide on how to make your business green(UK)
The green tool guide(UK) – an online tool for developing an action plan for your business
How to adapt your business to become more environmentally friendly (UK)
Energy Efficiency for Business
Low Carbon Commercial Builds
Preparing your business

Things you can do as a school
Solar Schools

The global movement
350.orgGlobal Citizen

Ideas for politicians
Citizens Climate Lobby
Holley Sommerville-Knott

Government Websites
Track Australia’s Emissions (Clean Energy Regulator)
National Carbon Offset Standard

Innovative New Business Models
Mojo (
read review)
Solar Analytics
Energy Locals
<a href=”<Enosi
<a href =”<Aloom

Community/Council Partnerships
Countrywide Energy (Wangaratta)    Press release
Zero emissions Noosa
Totally Renewable Yackandandah
Hepburn Community Transition Plan