20080707 Cycling for climate change

38df43cd04A group of six Northern Beaches cyclists from the Manly chapter of
climate change group Clean Energy For Eternity (CEFE) is cycling from
Sydney to Canberra to present the climate change Minister Penny Wong with a petition proposing the introduction of a Climate Protection Bill.
The cyclists will meet with Canberra riders to converge on Parliament
House as part of the Climate Bill Rally on Sunday 21st September. The
Climate Bill Rally is a project of People for Climate Protection Inc.
The Climate Protection Bill – a plan to cut Australia’s growing
greenhouse pollution – was written in consultation with 30
community-based climate groups and endorsed by a further 65 climate
change action groups representing 6,000 Australians.
“The Labor Government is procrastinating during a time when concerned
communities throughout Australia are demanding action,” said CEFE’s
Manly Chapter convenor, Ron Krueger.

“In 2005, a similar community driven movement in the United Kingdom attracted 130,000 individuals who supported a Climate Change Bill by contacting their local MPs.  “In response, 400 MPs voted for the Bill and when this is passed, the
United Kingdom will become the first country to legislate binding limits
on greenhouse pollution.”

10,000 signatures are expected to be delivered to Ms Wong with the Bill
outlining a set of 19 demands. The main points include:
* Halving Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2020 compared
to 1990 levels and making Australia carbon neutral by 2040
*Increasing funding for renewable energy
*Establishing national energy efficiency standards
*Preventing new coal power stations, coal  mines and nuclear
power plants
*Ending the logging of old growth forests
*Ending subsidies to fossil fuel industries

The Bill proposes that the Government adopts a national strategy for
greenhouse gas emissions reductions and that this will be developed
through public consultation. “We can no longer support the fossil fuel industry with tax breaks and subsidies,” said Mr Krueger. “These need to be removed with the funding directed towards the adoption of renewable energies. “A good start would be for all Government agencies to purchase
electricity with 100% renewable energy.”

Mr Krueger is urging all northern beaches communities to get behind the
Climate Protection Bill.

“It’s in their interests and those of their children and future
generations that we have the Government pass and legislate the measures
contained within this Bill.  “We have a responsibility to protect our delicate and diverse planet.”

The CEFE cycling group is riding via Wollongong, Bundanoon, Goulburn,
Bungendore and onto Canberra. For more information contact Ron Krueger on 0418 617 680.