20100320 VRA Bega goes solar

ce9f8d0d53As an orthopaedic surgeon I see the end result of a lot of road trauma. Busted bones and broken lives accompany road trauma all too often, accompanied by pain and despair. It is the volunteers of the Volunteer Rescue Association who are on the front line when it comes to dealing with the sorts of problems that most of us hope never to encounter. It is the volunteers of the VRA that save your life in the small hours of the morning, in the rain, when you are trapped in your car and desperate for help. What a selfless task to get out of bed at 3 o’clock in the morning to go to the scene of an accident to save someone’s life for no other reason than because it is the right thing to do.

What a delight it was to attend the launch of the solar panels on the roof of the Tarraganda VRA shed in Bega on 20/3/10, the first VRA unit in Australia to go solar. The launch was attended by the VRA crew, Andrew Constance, Pyramid Power and Clean Energy For Eternity. The solar panels will turn the VRA shed into a net producer of energy.

The installation is part of the solar bulk buy deal for SE NSW, a collaboration between various solar companies, the community, and Clean Energy For Eternity. As part of the bulk buy deal, 30 community groups will receive a free solar system, and already about half of those community panels have been installed.

Prior to the panels being installed, the VRA shed at Tarraganda had an electricity bill of several hundred dollars per quarter. That bill will be reduced to the extent that the unit will now receive a cheque from Country Energy at the end of each year for the electricity that they produce. Talk about turning the threat of climate change into an economic opportunity.

The average household’s electricity bill is about to increase by between $600-900 per year in NSW. There has never been a better time to put solar panels on your roof top. In fact the economic equation for solar panels looks so good that most households will be unable to afford not to do it.

The VRA Unit in Tarraganda needs more help. If you are interested in joining, and over 18 years of age, turn up at 6pm on any Thursday night at the Tarraganda shed on Tarraganda Lane to find out what it’s all about. If any other VRA units are interested in installing solar panels, please contact Clean Energy For Eternity through our web site

6/10/2009 9:21:00 AM Bega District News

BEGA’S Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) has received a solar panel for its shed courtesy of Pyramid Power. Earlier this year the business held a “Shine On” bulk buy campaign where for every 30 systems purchased, Pyramid Power donated a system to a community building. VRA squad member Rod Roderick said they were lucky to receive the system.

“We are extremely happy to receive this and it just helps that little bit extra,” he said. “We were fortunate enough to receive enough nominations from citizens which was great. The aim for the squad is to reduce the power bill by feeding power back into the grid. I believe that we would be the first unit in NSW to receive one of these solar panels.

“Thanks to Pyramid Power for this and also to members of the community for thinking of us.”

20100310 Murrah hall goes solar

he Committee extends a grateful thanks to the wonderful members and other locals who nominated the Murrah as their Community Hall of Choice in the recent Government offer for subsidised solar power units.

Further, the Committee also extends a big, big thank you to the indefatigable Prue Kelly for her efforts in initially getting the ball rolling for the Murrah through her work in Bermigui in bring to our attention and raising awareness of the Govt offer via Pyramid Power and Clean Energy for Eternity. She also consulted, as a point of contact for applicants, providing valuable assistance in the application process. Thanks Prue!

The committee would also like to thank Diana Stewart of Pyramid Power for her support and calm assistance in the liasing and processing of our own application, which, thanks to Derek of Pyramid, also negotiated and received important support from our Council.

Recently, Diana, informed Howard, our Secretary, that the processing of domestic applications was proceeding smoothly, although there is still a wait as the initiative proved to be so immensely popular, our Government brought forward the closing date and stopped offering any more (for the moment). Pyramid still managed to process more than 300 applications on the eve of the deadline.

She went to say that it looks likely the 2Kw solar unit will be installed later this year (maybe even before Member’s Night Sept 12th) and then a bit of a wait until Country Energy connect the unit to the grid. At the moment Pyramid are currently installing units on Community buildings in the southern parts of the shire.

When we are finally connected – we’ll party. And you, our members and supporters, are invited, because, after all, you put it there.

20091010 Berrambool Sports Complex

Andrew Nagle (Pyramid Power, Don Smith (MACCAT), Rachel Choy (Pyramid Power), Matthew Nott (cefe), Prue Kelly (cefe), at the launch of the Berrambool Sports Centre solar panels.
Andrew Nagle (Pyramid Power, Don Smith (MACCAT), Rachel Choy (Pyramid Power), Matthew Nott (cefe), Prue Kelly (cefe), at the launch of the Berrambool Sports Centre solar panels.

“Congratulations Berrambool Sports Complex on receiving your Pyramid Power ‘Shine On’ Bulk Buy Community solar system.  You have contributed to making our Bega Valley Shire the Solar Shire by Caring for Community 50/50 by 2020” says Matthew Nott, Clean Energy For Eternity.

The Berrambool Sports Complex will launch its free Pyramid Power solar system on Saturday 12th September at 2.15pm at Berrambool Sports Complex, Berrambool Drive, Merimbula.  This is Sapphire Coast Australian Football League Grand Finals day, and is the biggest day in the Berrambool Sports Complex’s year of events with an estimated 3,000 people attending Grand Finals matches.  The Merimbula Chamber of Commerce, team leader for the Merimbula Bulk Buy group, is proud to have the Berrambool Sports Complex as the first in a long line of community solar systems to be installed, through the Pyramid Power ‘Shine On’ Solar Bulk Buy offer.

The Launch of the 2kW solar system celebrates the community partnership between Berrambool Sports Complex Management Committee, Merimbula Chamber of Commerce, Clean Energy For Eternity and Pyramid Power Company.  The Berrambool Sports Complex was nominated to receive the 2kW solar electricity installation by the local community through the Pyramid Power ‘Shine On’ Community Bulk Buy solar energy offer.  The solar system has been installed at no cost to the community group: it has been funded by Pyramid Power Company, with matching funds from the Department of the Environment, Heritage, Water and the Arts, made possible by community support of the ‘Shine On’ Bulk Buy offer.

Alan Simpson, President of Berrambool Sports Complex said: “We can now look forward to dramatically reduced energy bills, and greater savings through the new NSW Feed-in-Tariff, which means more funds will be available for our core purpose, local sport.  With 12 solar panels on the roof, we are now generating electricity from the sun and feeding energy back to the electricity grid, and earning income from this energy.  As electricity costs continue to rise, solar electricity will reduce our utility bills as well as protect the environment.”

The Berrambool Complex services the entire Bega Valley district and provides a quality venue for many sporting and recreational activities for residents, schools, clubs and even the family dog.  “It is a pleasure and an honour to be able to support the community who have supported us” said Stephen Garrett, Managing Director of Pyramid Power Company.

Distinguished guests at the launch include: Alan Simpson, President Berrambool Sports Complex Committee; Don Smith, President Merimbula Chamber of Commerce and John Ford, Secretary Merimbula Chamber of Commerce, Team Leader for Merimbula Bulk Buy group; Matthew Nott, Clean Energy For Eternity; Prue Kelly (Bermagui, CEFE); Rachel Choy, General Manager Pyramid Power Company.

The ‘Shine On’ Bulk Buy has been a huge success with over 950 subscribers.  Well over 1 megawatt of solar PV will be installed by Pyramid Power in the coming months and many other Community Groups will soon receive their FREE systems.

Special thanks must be extended to John Ford and the Merimbula Chamber of Commerce, Team Leader for Merimbula Bulk Buy group; and also to Clean Energy For Eternity for its vigorous campaign to support ‘Shine On’, especially the charismatic Matthew Nott and the unstoppable Prue Kelly (Bermagui, CEFE).  It is also the first time that solar electricity has been within the financial reach of the average family, and with the obvious motivations of domestic action on climate change and rapidly rising energy costs, the ‘Shine On’ project is well timed