Pete Gorton from Millingandi is nearing the completion of his 325km walk from Port Augusta to Adelaide to raise awareness about the feasibility of replacing Port Augusta?s aging coal fired power generators with concentrated solar power (CSP). To follow his progress, go to pwtrb.blogspot.com.

CSP is affordable off-the-shelf technology that can provide base-load and peak demand power around the clock.

To support Pete’s Herculean effort, I would like to get a few people together this Sunday at the Tathra Wharf standing behind a “Support Big Solar” banner. People from all around the country will be doing the same thing this Sunday.

This weekend is the 150 year anniversary of the Tathra Wharf. The weekend will be a celebration of Tathra’s fascinating past. It should also be an opportunity for locals to help shape Tathra’s future.

If you think Big Solar could be an important part of Tathra’s future, come along and be a part of a group photo on the Tathra Wharf at 10 o’clock this Sunday.

Matthew Nott