20120320 Community rallies behind 2012 Tathra Enduro

IT WAS party time in Tathra on the weekend.

Music, beating drums, cowbells and the sound of changing gears could be heard throughout the town and its outskirts – and a few wild gorillas were even found out in the wild.

The second Tathra Mountain Bike Enduro was a big success, according to one of the race organisers, Stacey George.

George said the event was well supported by the local community and spectators played a crucial part in the event.

At each point around the course – including drinks stations – each participant was showered with praise and encouragement.

Some members of the crowd got into the occasion by dressing up colourfully, while Tathra’s Finley Nott and Tate Cochrane rocked up in gorilla suits.

The teenagers were happy to jump around the riders as they worked their way up Thompsons Hill.

The cowbells were rung as participants worked their way up the gruelling hills, creating an atmosphere similar to the Tour de France,

The main event, the King Nelba 100km race, was won for the second successive year by 24-hour world champion Jason English.

Other races held over the weekend were the Bega Cheese Children’s Race, Tathra Beach Family Park 10km Prologue, Goat?s Knob 50km and Tathra Beach Country Club 20km events