20080831 Bermagui Surf to Crossing paddle

8f0f80a2f4A unique event for sustainability will begin in Bermagui on Sunday 31 August.  The first annual Clean Energy Surf Club to Crossing Paddle needs your families energy and enthusiasm with a paddle craft or board.  Be ready to start at 8.30am on Sunday at the boat ramp near the Bermagui bridge.

The finish of the paddle is at The Inaugural Open Day for The Crossing Land Education Centre 10am-3pm Sunday 31 August.  Paddle entry is $15 and includes an event bandana, lunch on arrival, and certificate with your journey time as well as a chance to win a kayak.  Funds raised will help three not for profit organisations including Clean Energy for Eternity, The Crossing Land Education Trust, and Bermagui Surf Life Saving Club.  Come along and help make the paddle and Open Day a great annual event for sustainability in the South East

Attended by over 200 people with 30 paddlers arriving on The Bermagui
River, the Inaugural Crossing Land Education Trust Open Day was a great

The day included the first Clean Energy Surf Club to Crossing Paddle
which saw the Bermagui Boat Crew making a record setting run of 45
minutes.  Congratulations to the first paddler Lance Carder (49 minutes)
followed by Chris Magill (52 minutes) in his exquisite wooden scull and
The Crossing Project Director Dean Turner (who failed to catch Chris
despite trying to cut corners through the mangroves, under logs and over
the oysters in his whitewater kayak).

Huge praise goes to the young Bradley Kingston who became the first
board paddler to complete the journey, taking 74 minutes.  The Bermagui
Boardriders now have a benchmark to test when they take part next year
as part of their preseason training.  It was great to see intrepid
columnist Vesna Andric putting in a good time on the Bermagui River as well.

Kayak hire raffle prizes were awarded to five people as a result of the
fantastic support of Bermagui Bait and Tackle at Bridge Motors.  Other
highlights of the day included the chandelier coin toss won by four year
old Charlee, tours with the Board of Directors, Great Spicy Mammas Food,
Scarecrow making and The Sea to Snow Film – part 1 from Sea to Escarpment.

After some more building work The Crossing will be hosting a
permaculture design course for all ages in October and then a number of
local school student projects involving landcare work, canoe journeys
and straw wall building.

Dean Turner
Project Director
The Crossing Land Education Trust