LifeSaving Energy rocks its socks off

Mike Hallahan, Moruya club president with Dave Feeney, branch rep. and Mike Kelly, Federal Member
Mike Hallahan, Moruya club president with Dave Feeney, branch rep. and Mike Kelly, Federal Member

Last Sat 3/5 saw the official launch of LifeSaving Energy for the Jindabyne surf club. 2kW of photovoltaic cells, a 400w wind turbine, and solar hot water will ensure that the Jindabyne surf club will reduce our regions emissions by 3 tonnes of CO2 per year. Its going to save the surf club $1000 per year for the next 30 years, and it’s going to help educate thousands of people. No wonder the LifeSaving Energy concept is starting to gain momentum.

Next Saturday 10/5 we are holding the Moruya LifeSaving Energy Big Swim to raise money for renewable energy for the Moruya and Broulee surf clubs.

Registration is from 0800 hrs at Riverside Park for a 0930 start for paddlers and a 1000hrs start for swimmers. Entrants will swim or paddle a tide assisted 1.5km course, and buses will be on hand to transport swimmers to the start. The finish will be at Riverside Park. The entry fee is $30 for individuals, and $80 for teams of 4. Wet suits are encouraged, but the water temperature is still quite reasonable, and swimmers should have no trouble without a wet suit.

A longer 6 km swim will start at Shelley Beach at 0800hrs, and swimmers should get there half an hour early. The longer swim will be restricted to experienced swimmers, and those swimmers will need an accompanying paddler. For the longer event, swimmers will need to make their own way to Shelley Beach, but the start location will be obvious. We are expecting about 10 swimmers to compete in the longer event. It is hoped that swimmers competing in the longer event will be able to look for some sponsorship for LifeSaving Energy.

Every cent made in the swim will go towards renewable energy for the Moruya and Broulee surf clubs. We hope to raise enough money to get both surf clubs set up with solar hot water, solar photovoltaics and a wind turbine. The Eurobodalla council are helping this project with dollar for dollar funding, so I think our target is quite achievable. We could have both surf clubs set up with LifeSaving Energy within months.
Matthew Nott

Program of events for the Big Swim series

7km to go
7km to go

After the success of the Jindabyne Big Swim, there is growing interest in the Narooma LifeSaving Energy Big Swim, to be held in the Wagonga Inlet on 20/4/08. Here is the plan: The 7km swim will start at Taylor’s fish and chip shop in Narooma at 8am on Sunday 20/4. Entrants will swim into the bay, around a bouy that will be clearly marked, then down the Wagonga Inlet (with the tide) to finish at Little Bar Beach. There is no entry fee, but swimmers will be asked to look for sponsorship, to go towards funding renewable energy for the Narooma and Bermagui surf clubs. A 2km swim will be held on the same day, starting from the bridge, and finishing at Little Bar Beach. Swimming with the tide will make this swim a quick one. An entry fee for the shorter swim will be asked for.  There will be a surf boat race starting at 1200hrs, following the 7km swim course. Water safety will be provided by the Narooma and Bermagui surf clubs, and there will be live music at the finish.
How much money does this swim need to raise?
We get an $8000 AGO rebate, and the Bega Valley and Eurobodalla councils have agreed to fund LifeSaving Energy dollar for dollar with community donations. The Narooma and Bermagui surf clubs have already started fundraising.
If you put that all together, if we can raise about $8000 with this swim, then we get the Bermagui and Narooma surf clubs set up with renewable energy. We get solar panels and a wind turbine onto the roof of the Narooma surf club in June, and we wait for Bermagui to get a clubhouse. We can instal the renewable energy at Bermagui as a free standing set up, on the site of the surf club, and it can immediately start saving money for the Bermi club.
This swim is also looking to raise some much needed funding for the Narooma swimming club. The swim club are an intergral part of this event, which is evolving into a stong partnership between Clean Energy For Eternity and the surf clubs of SE NSW.
The Jindabyne LifeSaving Energy Big Swim raised nearly $20000 for the Jindy surf club, and renewable energy will be installed on the roof of the surf club on 3/5/08.
The next LSE Big Swim will be in the Moruya River (another 7km swim) on 11/5. This will be to raise money for the Moruya and Broulee surf clubs. Both surf clubs are well underway with fundraising. This event will be open to experienced swimmers only.
Matthew Nott

Art Auction
Image_apr08_LSEA Clean Energy For Eternity art auction will be held in conjunction with a public meeting in Tathra on 17/4. The primary reason for the meeting will be to discuss a community owned solar farm for the region. One of the aims of the meeting is to establish a working group to look at the commercial feasibility of a large scale solar farm, Such a group has already been established in the Snowy Mountains. A solar farm working group will need to include representation from local government, and the Bega Valley Shire council are enthusiastic about getting involved. We will need scientific input, and we are fortunate to have a student from the ANU who will be doing an honours degree , looking at the feasibility process and outcomes of this process in SE NSW. We are able to tap into a wealth of local expertise to help us move forward with a solar farm, both from a scientic and engineering perspective. At the meeting, Mike Kelly will be talking to us about the proposed Federal Government funding that will allow us to procede with a community owned power station. After the solar farm discussion, we will be hosting an art auction to raise money for a wind turbine for the Tathra primary school. We aim to have about 20 art works on auction, and many of our local artists have donated pieces. This auction will be an opportunity to buy art work from well know, and not so well known artists, and promises to be an exciting event. A community meeting to look at solar farms and other sustainability options will be held at the Tathra community hall at 630pm on Thursday 17/4. Speakers will include Mike Kelly, Steve Garrett from Pyramid Power, Matthew Nott, and will be chaired by Mayor Tony Allen. The art auction will start at about 8pm, and there are bound to be bagpipes played at some point. Matthew Nott

Going Hard

A public meeting in Tathra last Thursday heard Mike Kelly committ to his pre election promise of $100000 to look into the feasibility of a solar farm for our region. This has lead to the formation of a working group that includes representation from local government, ANU, the Mosman community, and regional talent. Mike Kelly talked about a further $1 million in Federal Government funding to put into a solar farm. He talked about an aspirational target of 50/50 by 2020 for the electorate of Eden-Monaro, and the importance of looking at all renewable energy technologies in order to meet a 50/50 by 2020 target. This would involve wind, sun and biomass generation, as well as emerging technologies such as wave and tide generation. Steve Garrett talked about the sort of changes that will be required for meeting our 50/50 by 2020 target,
and the place that solar could have in the mix of renewable energy solutions. He made it clear that a solar farm is going to be a big undertaking.
An attendance of 150 people voted at the meeting in favour of painting “50/50 by 2020” on the Tathra water tower. This allows us to procede with a development application through council. At the same meeting we held a very successful art auction, which has helped us raise $3500 so far for a wind turbine for the Tathra primary school. Thanks to
all the local artists who generously donated art work for the auction.

Last Sunday, the Narooma LifeSaving Big Swim was held in cool conditions on the Wagonga Inlet, with 7 and 2km swims. About 100 swimmers competed, and the event has raised enough money to start getting renewable energy installed onto surf clubs. It may take a few weeks to work out how much money was made on the day, but generous support from the National Australia Bank and Tathra Beach and Bike insured that this event was always going to be a success. This was a collaborative effort between CEFE, the Narooma and Bermagui surf clubs, and the Narooma swim club, and thanks to all who contributed to the smooth running of this event. Well done to the Narooma surf club for wading through the mountain of paper work that is a part of events like these, and for providing water safety on the day.

The next LifeSaving Energy event will be the official launch of renewable energy on the roof of the Jindabyne surf club on 3/5. On the 10/5 the Moruya LifeSaving Energy Big Swim will be held in the Moruya River to raise money for renewable energy for the
Moruya and Broulee surf clubs.
Matthew Nott