Jindabyne pushes hard

The start of the Jindabyne LifeSaving Energy Big Swim
The start of the Jindabyne LifeSaving Energy Big Swim

The Clean Energy For Eternity campaign has been plugging away for 18 months, run by a group of committed volunteers who have devoted large chunks of time to organising meetings, setting targets, selling T shirts, producing calendars, lobying politicians, pushing new ideas, and trying to generate change. Why? Since our campaign started, sea levels are 3 mm higher, atmospheric CO2 is 2 parts per million higher, the planet is hotter, arctic sea ice was 40% smaller last summer than it was during the previous summer, and NASA has started talking about catastrophic collapse of the Greenland ice shelf (resulting in a 6m sea level rise). No matter how you look at it, the planet is heating up quicker than most worst case scenario predictions. We face an urgent problem. Why do we refuse to take serious action.

-many people still believe that a nation cannot become wealthy without burning coal. -the fossil fuel industry is well connected politically and has a huge vested interest in casting doubt on the science of climate change. The Lavoisier Group is a perfect example of how effectively the Australian fossil fuel industry can cast doubt on the science of human induced climate change, using dodgy logic, whilst masquerading as a science based organisation.
-too many politicians (at all levels of government) have been resistant to implementing proven stategies to reduce emissions.
-although the theory of human induced climate change is supported by the overwhelming majority of scientists, they are having a hard time convincing people that urgent change is required. Many people have a gut feeling that everything is going to be ok, that someone else is going to sort the problem out for us, or that if we don’t think about the issue too much, it will go away.

Fortunately, CEFE have encountered a very different attitude in SE NSW. If you want to get a taste of that attitude, come to Jindabyne on the weekend of 9/10 Feb. On the evening of 8/2/08, there will be a meeting in Jindabyne to discuss a solar farm proposal for the Snowy Mountains. On the evening of Sat 9/2, at 715 pm on the shore of Lake Jindabyne, there will be a human sign formed that will read “LifeSaving Energy”. On the morning of Sun 10/2, there will be a “LifeSaving Energy Big Swim” to raise money for renewable energy for the Jindabyne surf club. This will be 7 km swim, the length of Lake Jindabyne, that will finish at Jindabyne to coincide with the second annual Snowy River renewable energy and climate change expo. Jindabyne is a town that is driving and generating change.

Matthew Nott