CEFE Nuclear Policy

Adopted Friday 23rd November 2006

Clean Energy for Eternity has a strongly positive renewable CLEAN energy platform. We believe there are exciting possibilities for Bega (and Australia as a whole) to rapidly invest in renewable technologies that will significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions without incurring a radioactive legacy for future generations. Nuclear energy doesn’t meet our needs in three ways:
1. it is not clean
2. it is not available now
3. it is not greenhouse neutral.

We can expand those three dotpoints:
1. nuclear power is not clean. No nuclear power plant has yet been successfully decommissioned, no country has yet successfully dealt safely with high level radioactive waste disposal, Australia is blessed with neither of these intractable problems at present
2. nuclear power is not available now. Evidence shows that it will take time (15-20 years) and money (government subsidies) to get nuclear energy up and running in Australia, investment in this area will undoubtedly reduce funds available for renewable
3. nuclear power is not greenhouse neutral. Mining, milling, processing and transport all produce greenhouse gases, according to the UMPNER review, 25 nuclear reactors along Australia’s eastern seaboard would still only decrease our greenhouse emissions 18% from business as usual.

International scientific advice states the world needs to radically reduce greenhouse emissions within the next ten years to have a beneficial impact on climate change. The lag time involved in reducing greenhouse gases mean that some changes are already inevitable and we are possibly seeing the beginning of these significant shifts in weather patterns, rainfall and extreme events.

CEFE calls on Australian governments to urgently carry out analyses of the full energy options available. This must include an assessment of the potential for renewable energy to provide baseload eg geothermal, and/or integrated systems that use energy generated from renewable technologies ready off the shelf today.