20110504 Tathra RFS goes for solar

7107f84a28At the official opening of the new Tathra RFS shed on , the head of the South Coast RFS John Cullen announced CEFE’s intention to get all 200 Rural Fire Sheds in SE NSW set up with renewable energy by 2020.

It is hoped that money generated from solar panels installed on fire sheds will be donated towards b357d47256further installations. With recent changes to the NSW Feed-In-Tariff legislation, there is considerable uncertainty about the project, but one way or another CEFE will work with the RFS to achieve its goal.

6258006b9aJason Lewington, senior deputy captain with the Tathra Fire Brigade (left), and firefighter Max Cook, had a closer look at the recently installed solar panels on the Tathra fire shed. The 2kw system was paid for by the bulk-buy deal and the CEFE Big River Swims.